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Book on to one of our masterclass courses and become a prototyping pro.

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Learn the full UX design process

Turn ideas from paper into clickable digital prototypes ready to be tested with users.

Axure Approved Trainer

Learn with someone with a decade of UX and UI experience.

Courses for everyone

Courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced designers.

Courses and Pricing

Depending on your level of experience you can enquire about any one of the courses below. If you have completed all the masterclasses you will be more than prepared to take on your first UX role.

Intermediate Masterclass

1 day (10am - 4:30pm)
£750/ex vat
  • Responsive templating
  • Masters for re-usable elements
  • Dynamic panel best practice
  • Complex interactions with conditional logic
  • Custom widget libraries
  • Specifications and annotations
  • User testing prototypes
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Advanced Masterclass

1 day (10am - 4:30pm)
£900/ex vat
  • Advanced dynamic panel use
  • Advanced conditional logic
  • Advanced variable use
  • Using frames
  • Mobile prototype generation (for apps)
  • Working with Team Projects
  • Presenting to clients
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the training take place

All of our training is currently located in Central London. The exact location can be provided on request.

If you would like training for anywhere else other than London or on-site at your office then please do get in touch.

When is the training available?

We can arrange a training for whichever day suits you so do enquire and let us know when you would like to take part.

Do you train individuals or just for companies?

We require a minimum of 3 participants to run a training session. If you are a group of 3 individuals we will be happy to arrange a training for you all.

If you are a company and looking for a training your employees, we can come to you.

I am new to UX. Will the 3 courses be suffient to get my first UX role?

It depends on your exact background and level of working experience. Get in touch and we’d be happy to advise you what your best options are.

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